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::: What is this?

This is a travel journal.

First it covered about a decade of solo-girl travels through the continents of Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Europe in the form of the busy and excitable sentences of my early 20’s.

Then it visited Buddhist retreat centers, international NGOs, intentional communities, detox sanctuaries, and meditation and yoga centers (mostly in Asia) in the free-flowing, run-on, and (eye-shading) whimsical prose of my late 20’s.

Then it got quiet as I fell full-on, offline, in love with (of all people) a good ol’ Colorado man with fix-it and cowboy instincts. My fingers took a sabbatical from typing to plant gardens, pet cats, fix up a house, flip the paper pages of books, and clutch to the shoulder straps of my daypack as I wandered deeply and daily into the Rocky Mountains.

It must have been the next phase of my life travels where I picked up “too much business jargon in her writing” (according to a recent editor) via my full-time professional development into an International Experiential Education Director at a small organization (Dragons) that specializes in raw, authentic, and edge-of-the-map travel.

My writing then came back suddenly, flash-flooding the valleys of my mountains in the grief and gratitude of my four pregnancies and two births. My reflections on the foreign countries of loss and depression are mostly in bedside-journal-note-form, still patiently awaiting their processed-day in type.

In the meantime, I travel in the tiny and looping circles of motherhood. Where if I have a quick second to grab my phone and catch an elusive thought like a tiger by its tail, it might make it to this blog in the form of an unedited line of poetry or pose. For example, my child just walked up to me and said, “Mommy, will you please wipe my butt?” That’s an example of the competition for my time to write, not my prose. 🙂

And now, Fall of 2016, with a 1-year old and 4-year old who sometimes simultaneously sleep through an entire night, I am beginning to hear and feel the familiar yet renewed roaring in the marrow of my travel bones.  At this very minute, I’m on the big island of Hawaii in the midst of a gap year trial lap, remodeling the website in order to document the research leg of travels for our family gap year planned for 2017-2018.

Destination(s) TBD.

::: More (updated) Q&A on the way.

*Here’s the very outdated q&a from the archives.


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