i’m a yahoo expert

So I signed up to be a Yahoo! Travel Expert a couple months ago…which has been, at the very least….amusing. You wouldn’t believe how many “how do I set up my folders in e-mail” types of questions I get…but the following tops them all:

“Dear SOL! I’d like to know how is my wife.She works on Traveling ship “PARADISE” on Carneval cruise company and she didn’t call me or write me a few weeks ago. Hers crew number is:253674; Food&Beverage Department; P.O.Box#025317 Help me please,because I’m very nervous. “PARADISE” have Internet-cafe,but I don’t know theirs E-mail. Also you can try to conected with her by telephone.The numder is:1-877-225-7447 Please help me.Sincerely: GORAN “

(Goran posted this message publicly on Yahoo!, so I shouldn’t feel guilty about re-posting it here right?) In any case, should you have a travel question that does not involve contacting your spouse on a cruise ship, please hit me up! I love nothing more that to talk travel. 🙂

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