the golden ticket

“I’ve Found the Golden Ticket!”

I PRIDE myself on being able to find the cheapest international tickets by scavenging the Internet….BUT *hangs head in failure*…I’ve been outdone!

Big props go to both STA Travel AND Council Travel (student and youth travel booking and info. agencies) for not only providing extremely knowledgeable staff teams who answered ALL my difficult travels Q’s (Where can I get a typhoid shot? What type of traveler’s insurance do I need?) BUT for ALSO *beating me* at finding the cheapest existing fare! I encourage anyone *under 26* looking for any fare (international or domestic) to give these guys a call or click in your search for cheap flights! Their links are below…and now I’m done sounding like a webfomercial (…but they deserved the recognition)

Departing Portland: 3-26-01
Arriving Guatemala City: 3-27-01
Return Flight: Open-ended, up to ONE YEAR! *!!!*

(Cost of round-trip ticket, inc. airport taxes, open-ended return flight and Youth ID card = $560.00)

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