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True/False Quiz Answers

1. T or F?  I’ve been invited to be on the Jenny Jones show.
TRUE: No…not your “My Sister Screwed Ya, So Now I Wanna Lose Ya” type of episode. Something much tamer…”Long Lost Reunions” or something. The producer who tried to persuade me to go swore up and down that it was totally legit and that there wouldn’t be ANY surprises…..”uh….no thank you”.

2. T or F?  I was pulled over three times on the day I got my driver’s license.
TRUE: I got the minimal passing score and was pulled over for speeding, having my brights on, and reckless driving….and that isn’t even half the story…but I’ll save it for a future blog. 🙂

3. T or F?  My parents hired a nun to baby-sit me till I was 18.
TRUE: Sister Maryln was her name…and it just made sneaking out of the house that much more exciting.

4. T or F? I pulled a 4.0 in high school.
FALSE: I graduated with a 3.9

5. T or F?  The police in my hometown have a nickname for me.
TRUE: My license plate started with “QYY” and when my parents called the police *?!* one night when I wasn’t to be found at my girlfriend’s house, they reported, “ahh yes…we pulled over “Queen Yo-Yo” at 11:45 tonight for being out past curfew and issued a warning.” I was grounded for months and there isn’t a Thanksgiving that goes by without that fun little story being retold.

6. T or F? I had a pet rat.
TRUE: I did have a pet rat. I don’t remember it’s name…but I do remember it ate its own tail one day and *mysteriously* escaped from its cage the next. (Yeah mom…I’m on to you.)

7. T or F?  I dated one guy for four years.
TRUE: Well, everybody got this one right. And yes…it has a lot to do the current “EU” status.

8. T or F? I’ve seen Dennis Rodman’s penis in real life.
TRUE: HA! You ALL got this one wrong! Dennis is a exhibitionist on and off the camera. I partied at his beach house last year and he got up and did a little naked jiggy. The rumors aren’t true.

9. T or F? I was in a commercial where I dated a porcupine.
TRUE: Click here to check it out. *a moment of silence for Pricky everyone?*

10. T or F?  I was the principal’s daughter.
TRUE: It’s not as bad as it sounds.

11. T or F?  I’ve skydived three times.
TRUE: AND I’m planning on taking my first completely solo dive in the next week or two. Check back to read my pre-dive “freak-out” blog.

12. T or F?  I was born in Alaska.
TRUE: And I lived in an Igloo…and had a pet penguin…and fished for dinner out of holes in the ice…and…okay, now I’m lying.

13. T or F?  I was in a gang in high school.
False: Although a few friends and I fancied being in a gang and may have gone so far as to name ourselves and come up with a secret hand signal and needle in some home-made tattoos into our ankles with Indian ink …we really were a pretty harmless bunch and hardly deserving of the title “gang”…more like “lame”. 🙂 *but who wasn’t in high school?*

14. T or F? I have less than 30,000 miles on my 6 yr. old car.
TRUE: I hate driving…more than anything…and have the miles to prove it.

15. T or F? My *real* middle name is “Jellybean”.
FALSE: Now who would really name their child “Jellybean”? 😉

16. T or F?  I got kicked off the JV Tennis team.
TRUE: Actually I wasn’t “kicked off”. In fact, I won every one of my matches. I was however, not allowed to return the next year due to my lack of dedication. I skipped practices regularly. Coach didn’t dig it. (But I NEVER missed a dance team practice…so I get some props.)

And CONGRATULATIONS to “theclerk”, the only person who had faith that I had seen Rodman’s more private parts.

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