13.2 miles

“13.1 Miles”

I ran my first half marathon today! I’m too exhausted to say much more about it except that after two hours of soaking in the hot tub I’m STILL a walking gimp. I wasn’t training for what they call a “rolling course” — which in real-people terms means “hills”. So I’m in just a slight amount of pain right now, which thankfully is overshadowed by the high I’m on for successfully running 13.1 miles, the longest these legs have ever carried a girl *so far*. And in exchange for crossing off one of the items on my “things to do before I’m 25” list, I’ve added the following:

Get a Tattoo
Attend Burning Man
Charitable Work in Another Country
Sunbathe @ a Nude Beach
Pilot a Plane
Kiss a Stranger Before Talking to Them
Solo Skydive
Ride a Motorcycle *alone*

If ya have any other good suggestions for activities that should be added to the list, please shoot ’em my way!


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