“Shooting Cupid”

So this blog comes a little early, but that’s because my lastest issue of the CC Update was so pink and love infested that I just had to bring up the question that’s been spinning ’round the sol cranial all week; Is Valentine’s Day just plain silliness and nonsense, or what?

Okay, I’m not a bitter or upset person. (In fact I’m so annoyingly happy that I sometimes wonder myself if my toothpaste has been spiked with Prozac.) And everyone knows how stoked I am with my solo status, so this rant does not stem from the fact that I haven’t someone to call “pooh-bear” on the 14th of February. (Besides, I boycotted the big V-day even when I did have boyfriends.) But this “Holiday” just makes no sense to me. Who needs a designated day to do something special for someone? And heart shaped chocolates, baby talk, stuffed animals and mass-manufactured cards with pre-composed inscriptions? *cringes* By what law is it “special” if it’s wrapped in red?

Yes…I’m decided…it’s plain silliness. So I’m boycotting V-day again this year with the same promise I make each Feb. 14th; To tell the people in my life I care about them whenever I am moved to do so, and to practice random and spontaneous acts of kindness for those I care about throughout the year…except on Valentine’s Day.

One of my favorite quotes and adopted life principles:

Follow your heart, that vitality, that life force from within. A
quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there
is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you
block it, then it shall never exist
through any other medium, and
subsequently it will be lost forever, and the world will not have it.
Follow your heart, and everything else will take care of itself.”

I don’t know the author *if you do, please tell me!*…except that it certainly wasn’t a cherub in an oversized diaper. 🙂


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