nomad jukebox

“Say WHAT? SIX Gigabytes?!”

*be still my heart!*

“My name is Sol…and I’m …a digitoy addict.”

Yes… Fry’s, Computer City, BestBuy…those tech stores are like Disneyland for me. And that pretty little silver thing pictured above? That’s the Creative Lab Nomad Jukebox. What is it? Only 6 gigabytes of storage built into a CD-player-size portable device that can hold over 100 HOURS (or 150 albums worth) of digital music. *heart flutters*

She’s been on my wish list for over six months now…since the day she hit the market. And I’ve brought the plastic out of my wallet on more than one occasion. What stopped me? One, that fatty little price tag. And two, the fact that I couldn’t find a single review on the Web about her performance. I refused to fall off the wagon for those smooth, silver curves before she’d proved her good standings.

So yesterday, I spent a few hours at BestBuy admiring her from behind her little protective glass case. “There aren’t any coupons or discounts you know of?” I pleaded with the sales kid. “Nope. Sorry…you’re S.O.L.” (sorry…that was terrible, but I just had to put it in for *really* cheap laughs) My heart sank.

So as I did my morning surfing, I wandered over to my bookmark on her Amazon reviews…and lo and behold, she’s pulling an average of 4-plus stars (out of five) on over 100 customer reviews! Not only that, but Best Buy is selling it online for almost $100 cheaper and I don’t even have to pay *or wait* for shipping, because I can just go pick it up at the store! Okay…so…solid positive reviews, 20% discount, no shipping, same-day pick-up… and it passes the sol-purchase rule (I never invest more than 50 bucks in ANYTHING that won’t fit in my car. (That way, I’m always ready to jump on my next adventure with only 24 hr. notice. ) The price is still steep, but if I sacrifice my CD collection to the local music trader for additional funds towards my purchase, it will give me that push I’m looking for to cross me over the “justification” finish line!

*slaps down the card*

My entire CD collection *and then some* is coming to Guatemala with me!!! Now I just have to wait for my e-mail confirmation telling me it’s ready to be picked up…

*bites lip and starts to drum fingers*

To be continued…

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