with glee

I baby-sat my two year old niece today. For ten minutes I shook bushes covered in little white flowers over her face as she jumped up and down and giggled in glee as the sprinkles of water hit her face. I followed her around a small maze of buildings for an hour. I think that life in general for her must be somewhat comparable to what traveling is to me. Everything for her is totally new, totally foreign, totally fresh, and totally overwhelming. Is it any wonder she’s jumping up and down and giggling with glee? *I’m not sure about that word…”glee”*…In any case, THERE is a real appreciation of life.

The little yuppy town that I live in is all hills. I’m still running every day, and the uphill has become a fantastic challenge that I totally love…but the downhill is WRECKING my knees. If anyone has any tips on how to run downhill, please share!

Oregon really is beautiful. In all my infatuation with Cali, I think I have forgotten to give it the credit it deserves. In any case, I ordered my new digicam yesterday (CC took my old one back…*waves goodbye to her company perks*) and as soon as I get it I’ll try to put to use that photography class I took in college and put together a gallery for show and tell.

Buenos noches amigos…I started J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of The Rings” today (voted the book of the millennium by Border’s online customers), and I’ve only got 1,069 pages to finish before I leave for my trip….

11 Days and Counting…..

*tick, tick, tick*

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