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“Sol Stewart”

Okay…I swear, I’m about as close to the anti-martha as it gets, but I’m pretty stoked about my latest project and thought I’d share. They always tell you in travel guides to bring pictures of your family and friends to share with local people you meet on the road, but I’ve just never justified the use of that space in my backpack during my shorter trips. Being that I don’t even have a return date set for my departure from Central America, I thought it might be cool to do something to keep me from forgetting the lovely faces of the people I’ve left behind in the States. I got one of the those mini-polaroid cameras (Izone Sticky Cam) and took mini-mug shots of all my friends and family. Then I just glued the suckers into the front and back of my travel journal. Shizam. Instant miniature photo album!


Meet teen-sol’s partner in high school crime: Kat.

*The daisies are deceiving props, she isn’t NEARLY as innocent as that sweet smile would suggest.*

I know she’ll be visiting this site for the first time today, and just thought I’d freak her out by posting her pic.


“Hi KAT!”

*okay….that’s a little weird*


ONLY TWO more days before I get on the plane!!!!

*tick, tick*

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