feeling small

It took me a whole 48 hours to settle into the scene here. I´ve already found myself a school AND an apartment! I´ll post more details as soon as I take pictures…because you really have to see to believe. Speaking of, I´ve added a dozen or so pics to the Antigua Photo Album.

I picked up my breakfast (pineapple yogurt, sliced mango from a street vendor, fresh bread and bottled water = 12 Quetzales = $1.25 US) and took it to La Merced Church and then chilled in the ruins behind for a few hours *pictured above*. The fountain is said to be the largest in Central America. *thinks about it* Funny…the ruins make me feel small in the same way that the ocean does.


If I didn´t mention it before, it´s summer here in Guatemala…and it is HOT! Anyone who knows me though, knows that that is exactly the way I like it. I´m already two or three shades darker than when I arrived, and while all the locals approach me in Spanish…so do all the travelers with “excuse me…do you speak English?”.


Did I forget to mention that on my plane ride to Guatemala they asked me if I was over the age of 15 because I was sitting in the emergency isle? I mean I KNOW to bring my ID to movie theaters and race tracks, and given, I left my makeup at home…but 15? That´s hilarious!


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