take me to your leader

“Take Me to Your Leader”


Que Bueno! I moved into my apartment today. Beautiful isn´t it? Huge room, window to the street, garden outside my door, large bathroom with hot water, full kitchen, free coffee and tea… and the best part? The wonderful family that treats me like I´m one of them…”nuestra casa es su casa!”. And you´ll never believe what I´m paying to live in Eden…$150 per MONTH. MONTH. That´s like 1/6 of what I was paying to live in San Diego! And there wasn`t even a fountain outside my door!


This is my new school. I start classes on Monday. Four hours of one on one instruction, five days a week. Ridiculously cheap also…$65 dollars per week (although you can find cheaper, I just liked this school in particular).


Last night I went to a salsa bar. The energy was amazing. There was this girl who was an AMAZING dancer, and when she took a short break I seized the opportunity and tapped her on the shoulder. Before I had even introduced myself, she had told me to meet her at the swimming pool at the Hotel Antigua at 3:30 this afternoon. From there she will take me to meet her teacher. I´m excited beyond words.

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