The kindness of people sometimes simply amazes me. I went to the hotel and met Bibi (from Switzerland) and we chatted it up for an hour or so (giving me all kinds of tips on Antigua, this is her third trip here, she fell in love also…) and then she took me to meet her teacher. I start my salsa classes on Monday…five days a week! I´m so excited. I can´t believe Bibi went so far out of her way to show a complete stranger around. I only hope I have a similar opportunity to do the same for some new and naive traveler someday.


Suddenly my schedule is looking very full: breakfast, spanish classes from 9 till 1, lunch, dance classes at 3, an hour at the internet cafe blogging, dinner and then two hours of homework will take me late into the evening. But I´m sure I´ll continue to find time to chill in el Parque Central


Okay….I´ve got SPF 26 on these feet….what´s the deal?


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