semana santa

“Semana Santa” (Holy Week) is this week and the biggest celebrations of the year begin tomorrow. The city is crowded with locals (preparing for the parades and festivities) and tourists (trying to find hotels to watch from). I´ll be uploading pictures and video tomorrow. My “Gallo” (the local Guatemalan beer) buds for the week, Sigrid y Rannvieg, *pictured above* left Antigua yesterday *saddened*. But do you know how they celebrate Easter in Norway? Supposedly, they make large snow…chickens…and then paint them. *LOL* But, then again, we WERE a few Gallos into the night when they presented me with this information…*winks*


And MY BIG news?! I´m an AUNT…AGAIN!!! My brand new nephew was born March 29th, weighing in at 8 lbs, 1 oz. *shouts out over cyberspace* “Great job Annie and Brett! He´s perfect!”

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