magic alfombra ride

On a Magic Alfombra Ride

The celebrations have still yet to begin….but the energy right now during the PREPARATION of the celebrations is really just as exciting…

This morning I sat for a few hours and watched the making of ¨an “alfombra”. Alfombras (which literally means “carpets”) are enormous, beautiful “carpets” of intricate designs made from colored sawdust, flower petals and fruit. The are created right on the cobblestone streets and are marched though by the processions and parades that take place later this evening. I took pictures of the various stages of the production of this one and here´s a short video clip of the removal of the first stencil….

Photoalbum of the production of the alfombra…

Short movie clip of the removal of the first stencil…

And the Parque Central is crazy right now….(180 view, movie clip)

…and I´m out to rejoin that craziness now….Adios!


Every bar in Antigua has a sign on the door that says “Female Bartender Wanted“. So I went around and talked to a few of them last night. Two salsa bars told me they could put me on the schedule for the next day….but I´m still trying to decide…working at an internet cafe…or bartending? They both pay like 50 cents an hour….

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