hail the blog gods


*jumping up and down….(which by the way is much easier to do virtually than in real life on my worn out feet)*

Blogger works! Blogger works! How? Why? Who..what…where…when…I could care less! I´m back in blog effect and I can hear Merc cheering from Guatemala! (Thank you so VERY much MC…I´m gonna bring back an alfombra from Guatemala just for you to repay the favor…*winks*)

So…yeah…um…I´m really too tired to blog right now. My Spanish class this morning was awesome. Even better was my first lesson in Salsa. My teacher is incredible. I´ve found a new drug in life….and I´m fully addicted….*slaps forearm*. I can not WAIT for class tomorrow.

Last night was pure craziness…craziness comparable to that of Mardi Gras, minus the constant chanting of “show us your tits”. So…not one of you corrected me about the date of Holy Week in my last blog! *smoothly moves the blame to someone else*  Okay…yeah…so I made a major error. In my conversations (composed of bad spanish) with locals, I got confused and thought this week was Holy Week (Solbeam: ex-Christian, 1996), but apparently, the city goes this crazy for an entire FIVE weeks before Easter! So I would like to take this opportunity to add the following disclaimer for the record; the the information I present on this site could very likely be totally and completely wrong…and in some rare instances, might even cause cancer in laboratory animals. Comprendes? Bueno.

Okay….I´m really exhausted. No pictures or video today (although I have three disks full). I found a place next to my pension that makes fresh tortillas right before your watering taste buds. They are absolutely amazing. I just wrap them (while still hot) around avocado slices and melt in pure ecstasy.

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