shorter shower time

Shorter Shower Time

The water in my pension only runs hot for about 4 minutes. I needed to cut down my shower time….so I cut off all my hair.

There´s also a studio I walk by every day on the way back from my dance classes that does eyebrow piercing.  Sorry Mom and Dad…I know how happy it made you to see me remove that belly button ring a few weeks ago… Okay. You got me. I´m not sorry at all. Must be a bit of the rebellious 16-year-old-brat in me resurfacing. (Really though…I try to keep my life as “low maintenance” as possible…and the long hair was just a pain in the braided butt.)

A chop, chop, ciao!

***No anti-short-haired-sol email please….you people know who you are. 🙂

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