starbucks in the parque central?

Starbucks in the Parque Central?


I´ve been hanging out with a few Californians this week (90% of the travelers I meet from the States are from California). It´s somewhat confusing for me to find myself discussing things like who was spinning where at the clubs in San Fran and the Starbucks strike in Ocean Beach in the middle of the Paque Central in Guatemala, Central America.


Went dancing last night at one of the salsa bars. I´m not sure why I can spin, twist, dip and twirl my way around in class….and then just plain stepping-suck when I get on the floor of the discoteca. Ah. *sighs* I think I´ll give myself a break on this one. I´ll get there….solomente necesito mas tiempo…


I start bartending at a swanky little bar next week. Never bartended before….but it´s certainly nothing like the States anyway. 95% of the orders are “Cubra Libre” (Rum and Coke….or rather…COKE and a splash of rum) and “Gallo” (the local beer). I went around to a few bars in search for work and this is how all the coversations went:

Me: Hi. Do you need any bartenders?
Owner: Yes. Do you have any bartending experience?
Me: No.
Owner: Are you fluent in Spanish?
Me: No.
Owner: Can I put you on the schedule for tomorrow

I guess when you´re paying 25 cents an hour you can´t be too picky, eh?


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