caye caulker, belize

“Gotta See it, to Belize it…”

That’s the horribly cheesy slogan of Caye Caulker…as true as it may be.

Check it out:

Caye Caulker, Belize Pictures

We went swimming with sharks and stingrays yesterday…so close that we got to watch them feed and even give them a couple pats and pets. Pure craziness. Sadly, about the only thing my digicam can’t do is go under water…but I still caught some pretty cool shots!

*hums Jaws theme*…the sharks we swam with….

Our sleezy but *gives credit hesitantly* smart guide, Leon, holding up a stingray…

Camby boys “helping” each other out with getting views of an underwater shipwreck….(I’m TERRIBLE for posting this picture…just look how I exploit my online power to embarrass my poor friends!)

O man though does my stomach hurt!….*keels over*…which kinda sucks. You know what helps stomach aches though? Coconut coladas. And thank god for happy hour at the internet cafe…on drinks AND time online.

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