*record scratches*

Change of plans….

Just sent off an e-mail to my boss at the bar…”will be coming back a week or so later than scheduled…so sorry…

Yup. Tomorrow I say my *very* sad goodbyes to my new good friends and the Sol continues her adventures solo-style. I’m heading South now (instead of North). If you’re watching the map, I’ll be in Punta Gorda tomorrow. From there, it’s to the Caribbean coast of Guatemala, then a jungle boat trip down the Rio Dulce and then up north to Finca Xabel, some type of travelers’ community that a good friend just e-mailed me from… “You MUST come…it’s 10x better than anything in Belize!”. That’s an omen in my book…and I remember seeing something somewhere about “best adventures being off the original path”, yada, yada….? *winks* Girl’s gotta follow her own advice, eh?

Nothing better than having no idea where your adventures are about to take you….

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