moving in with juan pedro

Antigua has now entered it´s “Rain Season.” The heat is gone, the mosquitos are here, lightning and thunder preform over the volcano each afternoon and the hotels have all lowered their prices and put up their “vacancy” signs.

Solbeam, too, has entered a new season. A new apartment, a new Spanish teacher, a new dance instructor…and even a new roommate. Yup. Although he gives me the majority of the room and stays pretty quite, his eight hairy legs are starting to get a bit on my nerves. My first response to his uninvited stay in my abode was to look around for something of sufficient smacking size. Upon the realization that nothing I owned was big, sturdy or solid enough to destroy the beast, I decided to take another approach….”amistad”…or, in english…friendship. If I had my camera, I would introduce you all personally to my new buddy, “Juan Pedro”, appropriately named after a local Guatemalan “tourista-pimp” with particularly bad Spanglish pick-up lines, who *now that I think about it*…also has unusually hairy limbs. Anyway, as long as he sticks to our deal (doesn´t wander from his crack above the door, never uses my bed, and exterminates the mosquitos), I will refrain from buying a baseball bat (which is what I´ve concluded would be necessary) to remove him by force. Yes, perhaps I can budge my “EU” status just an inch *or two, considering his size* to let him into the head and heart of Sol.

Why am I talking third person?

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