juan pedro the creep


Two days ago, Juan Pedro CLEARY violated our agreement by inviting his friends over to our apartment. Not only that, but one particularly obnoxious friend had the nerve to use my shower. With no intentions of reenacting scenes from Arachnophobia, I finally decided that it was time for me to lay down the law…in the form of poisonous bug spray. BUT, to my most pleasant surprise, upon inspection (having not seen my uninvited guests for two days) I noticed a small birds nest built right outside the top of my door…also conveniently located right outside Juan Pedro´s crack. Gotta love the food chain. *dusts hands off* Case closed.


When I walk down the street, people now smile at me, wave and say things like, “Hey bartender!”. Yup. I´m local.


The majority of men in Guatemala take their relationships with one main entree girlfriend…and an assortment of lovers on the side.

*enters the confession booth*

Okay, I have to admit here *although I´m not sure I should* that in the name of trying my damnest to assimilate into the Latin culture *nice bullshit excuse, eh?* … I gave my best shot at dating two guys at the same time this week. *sighs* I gotta say, I give big props to all those double-daters, because this game is more difficult than Jenga on Jack Daniels. Not only did I not have any time to blog *guilty lip bite*, but it only took me about seven days before the little white angel on my left shoulder laid the smack down on the devil on my right, and I broke down and came clean with all. The moral of the story is: Do whatever you want. I don´t believe in story morals.

And if you´re wondering where the “EU” (“Emotionally Unavailable”) status went, no worries, it´s still very much there. The beauty of relationships on the road, is that they are sugary sweet…and conveniently short. They say that the three lines that sum up the travel romance experience: 1. “I´m not drinking tonight.” 2. “I love you.” and 3. “Í´m leaving tomorrow.” No. The fact remains firm, the only thing I can fully commit to, is life…and dating it, occupies the the high majority of my time, energy and heart.

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