losing it, loving tom robbins


“Reality does not create imagination….it´s the other way around.”

*chew, chew, chew*


So, it came to me last night…that I haven´t yet posted my River Caving Trip story! *hits self in forehead*. Being as it was one of the coolest of all my Latin America experiences, I think it deserves a smack of blog love, don´t you?

But first, a totally random and unrelated tangent: I think I´m losing it. Whether “it” needs to be lost, is still yet to be resolved. What I do know, is that every night I wake up, sit up in bed, and haven´t a clue as to where or who I am. Now given that in the last ten weeks I´ve slept in more different beds than a Hollywood hooker, it might not seem all that unusual that I must absorb my surroundings for five minutes before finally remembering where I am. More “yikes”-worthy, though…is that I wake up thinking in Spanish. This kinda freaks me out….because in combination with the new voice in my head, and the foreign surroundings…I honestly, completely forget who I am. *ponders* Although the idea of watching a girl lose her mind via daily blogs is somewhat interesting, eh?

*stops pondering, and shakes head*

Anyway…so *yes! yes! yes!* I found another Tom Robbins book yesterday. (I can hear you all from Guate….”O man…does this mean she´s gonna start in with those damn quotes again?!”). As a matter of fact, yes it does:

“I´ve recently had my brain redone. A little cognitive redecorating. Remodeling always takes twice as long as it´s supposed to, you know how that goes. It´s turned out real nice, but some days I wake up and look around at the new furniture, the new carpets and draperies and paint, and it´s a minute or two before I know where I am. I´m not fully integrated into my new cerebral space, you might say.”

Tom Robbins, “Half Alseep in Frog Pajamas”

Yes TOM! Yes! I will marry you! No really though, I don´t know how you found the key to my nogin…but I´d appreciate it if you´d put it back under the welcome mat when you´re done. Thank you.

Ah…where was I? What do they call this in English 101? The free-flowing writing of thoughts and ideas without structure or logic? I don´t remember, but apparently it also goes by the name, “solblog.” Like it, or click the little black X on the top right hand corner of your screen *points*. You know whos influence this is, don´t you? *points at Robbins* Read him and you´ll see why. Ah. Enough of the R-word for today…on with the story!

Wait…my verbal puking has exhausted me. The story will have to wait ´till tomorrow. Besides, I´m only on page 194 of “Frog Pajamas” and I´ve got work at 5:30. Don´t hate me because I´m annoying.

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