sol vs the sick


My salsa teacher stopped by my house yesterday to pass along the message that he has a terrible “gripe” (cold) and will have to cancel our dance lessons this week.

*rubs suspiciously sore neck and wonders if they turned the heat up in the internet cafe….or if it’s just her*

Yup. *ding, ding* Round two of the “Solbeam v.s. The Sick” started today. Bah. Bah. Bah.

And speaking of sick….reminds me of something funny I overheard a guy saying at the bar yesterday:

“Guatemala is a crazy place. Where else in the world can you meet a really hot chick, and five minutes into the conversation, start enthusiastically exchanging stories about your bouts with diarrhea without the slightest hesitation or blush of embarrassment? Only in Guatemala.”

Kleenex, lemon tea, chicken soup and Tylenol…*adds to shopping list*… Of course, the shiny, silver lining is that I get to lay in bed all day with Tom… *heart flutters*

Oh…and Mom…could you pretty please add to the care/camera package the following book (any bookstore will have it):

Lonely Planet: Ecuador

That’s a pretty big hint for anyone paying attention….

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