evil daughter, sister

Two days of rolling around in hot sweats with Tom and I´m feeling almost 7 out of 10 stars today.

(Updated clarification: Tom is that of, Tom Robbins, the author of the book, that I was reading, in bed, while I had a fever, over the last two days. (Sorry if I took a year off your good Christian life, Mom.)

(Note: Rambod, one of the fantastic guys that I traveled through Belize with, says that what my site lacks, is more romance and sex. That *points to lead sentence* was my pathetic attempt. Also, he points out, that in my QA session, I come across as “WAY more innocent” that I actually am. SO, for the record: I am hardly innocent and have a dried-blood-red streak in me that I apparently tend to under-exaggerate on the site. Ask my parents, I was grounded a good 70% of my high school career, which is a statistic I hold with pride given that I was caught red-handed (or as they say in Guatemala: “with my hands in the corn” *LOL*) for only about 2% of my actual bad deeds. And, speaking of…. rumor has it that my little brother has been cleaning HIS soul of MY past bad deeds as of late, and should that rumor be true…*gives Nick that evil-older-sister eye*…I should warn you that I KNOW where that Christmas ´84 home video is. Yes….THAT one.

*cackles evil-older-sister laugh*

I apologize now for my recent tendency to ramble. Where was I?


to ship the new digital camera to Guatemala! Okay…that´s not where I was…but BAH! Can you believe that? But I guess it´s a small price to pay to shut me up and bring back the visuals to Solbeam.com, eh? And in actuality, I´m more ecstatic than a puddle-happy-puppy that I´m going to have MY CAMERA in my mosquito-eaten hands in less than three days!!!

And…you know what having my camera means? It means, Sol can start to scratch that travel itch again! Two days of bed time got a girl thinking and I´m gonna lay my options out in cool little virtual-voting-booth as soon as I figure out how to do it *later today*. Right now, I´ve got to go learn the stinky-subjunctive. Duid…WHO made this language anyway?! Talk about aggravating.

Yeah, yeah, yeah….the River Caving Trip story IS coming….promise!

*un-crosses fingers*

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