moving a house of photos


AH! And thus….

A NEW Sol Album was born!

Yup. It´s missing about 20 albums and a G of pictures, but it covers my documented travels on THIS trip AND I´ll be able to move forward with it…which I think counts for a c-point or two. Merc has made all kinds of offers to stay up all night and create a gallery to host the pictures ON But you know what I think? *spins finger around temple and points at Merc* I think Merc needs to stop being such a sacrificing and selfless individual. That´ll get you no where in life kiddo….except for maybe heaven. *winks*

Anyway, point being — the sol show will go on!

(The archives will just be a little graphic-neud, but archives are just that…archaic, old, bedridden, moldy….so who cares?) *good rationalization, eh?*

The site I´m using now,, is owned and run by Sony (but happens to be using the beautifully user-friendly Zing infrastructure). I figure they are in this game for a longer run for the following reasons: 1. Those cameras are expensive as hell. There´s a clear-cut “plan-to-profitability” for ya. 2. The word “Sony” is the second most well-known word in the entire world (after “Coke”). This show isn´t run by any 20 year old entrepreneur. Nope. Some old fart with ten mansions is callin´ the decisions on this one. Sony´s got the cash to move like a three-toed sloth. Which is what you need in this industry today.

(I think Kodak just purchased Shutterfly too…funny how all the big guys came full swing round, eh? Like they were just mad giggling behind all our dotcommy backs while we put in the 80 hour weeks…and now? Now, wiping their eyes from tears of laughter *while we wiped our from option packages written in invisible ink*…they´ve worked up a little hunger from all the floor-rolling…they´re craving something sweet….in fact, isn´t this cherry-picking season?)

Anyway, sitting here in this internet cafe moving photos ALL day has me in disbelief that I ever sat in front of a computer like this ten-plus hours a day. *head spins*

*Screen flashes: “Please wait while your photos are being processed.”*

That´s my cue…back to work….

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