on her way to the bay islands

Dear Reader,

By the time you read this, I´ll be scrunched in the corner of a hot and dirty chicken bus somewhere in between Guatemala and Honduras. Chapter 4 of “The Adventures of Travel Merry Sol” opens at the plumber-crack of dawn (4am) tomorrow, where upon I´ll be wandering the calles and avenidas of Guatemala City in search of the first of a sequence of busses, shuttles, taxis and boats that will *eventually* land Sol in the Bay Islands of Honduras.

(Side note: I just found out that they are, right this minute, filming the upcoming series of “Temptation Island” on one of the islands I´m going to. The spy in me is getting all kinds of ideas about utilizing that 16x zoom on my new cam to blow out the results of the show before it airs…..ahhh…..double-O-Sol…I´m liking it…. )

Annnnnnyway. Here´s the dirty down low: Although the islands are the cheapest place in the world to get dive certification (160 bucks, included 5 days of instruction, multiple fun dives AND hotel), the same 160 bucks will only buy me 10 hours in the Internet Cafe.Yup. $15 dollars and HOUR. SO….unfortunately, I will not be replying to any e-mails with less than 7.9 on the response-richter scale (for example, my cat dying would be an 8.2). I will, however, be posting pictures in the following album — so give it a check in a week. Assuming I make it alive to Utila, there will be pictures there:

Honduras Photo Album

I´ll be blogging too when time and budget permits, of course, but I´ll be on the road for the next few days, so…*waves*

cya in Utila!

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