trying to equalize

I’m still alive…just super busy with dive training. Today I start my advanced class, and tomorrow I’ll be taking my first shipwreck dive and night dive! I’m actually considering taking the whole dive master course….but I’m completely in limbo on this one still. It would be a nice way to make a living traveling the world though, eh? Island hopping, finding temp work at dive shops leading fun dives of rich American tourists, and then pocketing their fat tips to get me to the next island…yeah. Not so bad. But it would take me two months to complete the course…and the commit-phobe in me is grimacing. After all, Ecuador keeps winking at me and kicking the back of my chair.

*kicks computer* Okay…this one won’t let me upload pictures either. That’s okay….I’ve got five chapters to read this afternoon and some research on the neighboring islands to do!

*puts regulator in mouth*

*deflates her BCD*


*head disappears underwater*

*gives the underwater “OK” sign*

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