getting narked

Getting Narked


Yesterday, me, a Canadian, two Aussies and two Austrians laid our bodies on a sandy patch at the end of the sand airplane landing strip and screamed mad profanities as the plane landed feet over our heads. The things people will do for entertainment when your world lacks television, eh?


Nitrogen Narcosis: The intoxicating effect nitrogen produces when you breath it underwater (of which the exact cause still eludes physiologists). Symptoms include: stuporous behaviour, impaired attention, slow thinking, inappropriate behavior, euphoria and elation, poor judgement and short term memory loss. Divers are likely to first notice narcosis around 80 feet. Sol dives 100 ft today. The question remains, will she get narked? She secretly hopes so. Refer back to the question of island entertainment above.


I think I’m the only American on this island. The “Stupid American” game has evolved to an entirely new level. Now it goes a little like this, “I met an American once who couldn’t point on a map to where they lived!”, “Oh yeah? Well I met an American once who asked what language we speak in Australia!”, “No Wait! I’ve got a better one! Once I met an American who…..

*groans and kicks dust*


Self Control: As defined by Sol

Self control is the ability to resist every urge to so much as blow on the twenty mosquito (or sandfly) bites you have simultaneously received between the trip to the communal bathroom and your bedroom sans repellent. One may easily identify those travelers who have not yet learned the virtue of self control as they are scarlet-lettered with infected and pussing welts covering their limbs. Sol’s official response to this condition: “Ew.”

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