master of dives by day, tender of bar by night

Master of Dives by Day, Tender of Bar by Night

Pina colada? Mango dacqari? Strawberry margarita? Yup. That’s right. Wednesdays, Fridays and Sunday nights you can now find me shakin’ up a whole new line of tropical treats at Utilia’s Sunset bar! The bar floats *again, literally* on the beats of live DJ’s four nights a week. I distribute shots of Tequila at every hour to all those on the dance floor — or on the tables, as was the case last Sunday.

And speaking of shots…here’s one of my bar…

And my fellow tend-bar-ers…

You know life is good when you go to work barefoot.


The island is hoppin’ right now and schools of newbies are pouring off the boats and onto the island every day. In addition to it being high season, the annual full moon party starts this weekend. DJs from Europe, Australia, the States (and more) are flying in this week to spin their records on a deserted island in the nearby Cayes for three days of trance and hardcore hammock time. Interesting? To say the least.

*grabs camera and sticks pen behind her ear*

I’ll have a report on your desk by Wednesday.


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