on holes and hurricanes

Holes & Hurricanes

Um. Does that look like it hurts?

Dad, I can hear you from Honduras…”Just what you need. Another hole in your head.” *laughs* Actually, since Rebecca, “The Human Hole Puncher” arrived on the island, the ratio of punched and pierced persons has increased at least three-fold. My own current ratio of piercings to weeks is 2:1 (navel and nose). Yes. Potential problems in the forecast. “Skippy” Nick is on his third hole…this one in the nipple. Do you like to watch people in pain?

See Nick Squirm

Speaking of problems and the forcast, apparently Hurricane Chantal is thinking of making a visit to our lovely island. *shrugs* Sure. Why not. Let’s add, “Survived Hurricane” to that infamous “Before I’m 25” list. However, as her name would imply, she’s a bit flaky with her dates, and it’s entirely likely she’ll blow us off *do the bad puns ever end?* for another island. She’s due for the party this evening or tomorrow. The emergency plan consists of huddling down with the beer and waiting. “Life in the fucking tropics.”

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