5-mo statistical update (bay islands)

5 Month Sol Statistical Update

# of Months since Arrival in Central America = 5

Bottles of SPF 30 used in 2 Mo. = 2

# of Barracuda Seen Underwater = 40

# of Barracuda Dinners Eaten = 5

Level Of Guilt Felt = Moderate, but overridden by hunger

# of Shark Sightings = 2

# of Panicked Fundivers as a result of Shark Sightings = 1

# of Times Swimming with Dolphins = 2

New Favorite Animal = The Dolphin

Current Number of Logged Dives = 94

# of Articles of Clothing Allowed on 100th Dive = 0

Deepest Dive Made = 180ft

How Many Feet over PADI Recommended Regulations that is: 50ft *shhh*

Piercings as of 6/28/01 = 2

Piercings as of 8/25/01 = 4

Piercings as of today = 3 (Nose diamond fell out. Too lazy to put it back in.)

How Many Times Rebecca “The Human Hole Puncher” tried to pierce my navel b/f it worked: 4

How much that Hurt = Significantly

# of Hermit Crabs I’ve Found in my Bedroom = 3

# that I’ve Accidentally Stepped on and Killed = 1

# of Times I’ve Spoken to My Parents Since my Departure = 0

How Terrible of a Daughter I am = Very

Average Amount of Shooting Starts One Can Witness in 60 Seconds on a Dock in Utila = 6

Overall Increase in Amount of Time Spent Stargazing = 800%

Score on the Divemaster Physics Exam = 85%

Number of Days It Took for me to Re-forget the Physics Formulas = .25

# of Times I’ve been Thrown into the Ocean with all my Clothes on = 3

# of People I’ve Thrown in With all Their Clothes on = 2

Places I’m Considering Traveling to in the Next 2 Months = Ecuador, Mexico or France

Reputable Method that will be Used to Determine that Destination = Ennie-Meny-Miny-Mo

How Many “All-Nighters” I’ve Pulled (followed directly by Diving) = 4

Best Cure for a Hang-over = Deep Diving

Current Tolerance for Alcohol = HIGH

# of Weeks it’s Been since I’ve Used a Telephone or Driven a Car = 20 Weeks

% of Time Spent Barefoot in Last 2 Mos.= 99

Feet Are Tough Enough to Walk on = Broken Glass

How Far Away I Feel From my “Pre-Travel” Reality = Light Years

# of Times Each Day I Say to Myself , “My Life is SO Good” = 8+

# of BEST College Mates Flying into Utila this Week = 2

How Much Trouble We’re Going to Get Into = Obscene Amounts

Status on PADI Divemaster Program = Successfully Completed and Certified

Number of Days Left on Utila = 6

Rating, on a Scale of 1-10, of my 2 Mos. on Utila = 15

Next Destination = Neighboring Island, Roatan

Next Time I’ll Be Able to Post = Unknown At This Point in Time

How Many Disks of Pictures Yet to be Uploaded = 15

Number of New Pictures Added to the Utila PhotoGallery Today = 10

*TinkerBell’s Wand Jingles*

Please turn the page. Now entering….

Chapter 5 — Roatan and Beyond…

*blows the dust off her backpack and smiles*

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