stats continued

Three more important stats…

Number of Days Since has Been Updated = 15+

*groan & smack*

Number of Times I Hit Myself in the Forehead Groaning Over the Above Stat = 23+

*groan & smack*

Number of Digital Cameras Stolen = TWO

*groan & smack*


There is no appropriate place to start, so I´ll stop with all the self abuse and just jump right in with a jumbled bullet-point-mess of an update:

·Yup. The *second* digicam is gone. I´m over it. But I´ve been humbled into acceptance of the law of the digi-cam gods… “Sol shall NOT own a digicam in Central America” *lightning strikes, thunder booms*

· SOMEHOW I´ve found myself back in Antigua, Guatemala again (aka “The Land of Fast & Cheep Internet”). is back in business. No more pictures, but lots more updates full of meaningless babble. Kinda like that big generic bag of “Fruity-Loopies” that you can find on the very bottom shelf of the cereal isle. Less buck, more bite. Or something lame like that.

· Yes. I will comment on the current state of chaotic events from the perspective of an American abroad who has spent the last week straight discussing the subject with non-americans. Give me a few days… from the looks of it, this war isn´t going anywhere for at least three.

· After three months of severely limited internet/e-mail access, I have finally been able to take an extended dip into my inbox. The current is strong and the visibility “nil”, so please be patient while I swim through this mess and compose replies. 15 disks of *the last!* digital pictures to be uploaded tomorrow.

Ack. Just found out my friend´s flight back to The States was cancelled for like the 6th time. Gotta go find her….

To be continued….

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