finding safe passage

While I don´t believe in fate, I also don`t believe in coincidences. And yesterday was poetic proof that “when you really want something, the entire universe conspires to help you achieve it.”

Yesterday morning, I hadn´t a clue as to where the next six months of my life would take me. Four hours later, I collapsed onto a bench in the central park with a cheek-ta-cheek grin in astonishment of the fact that my entire life had fallen into perfect place in the same amount of time it took for me to have my laundry done.

Monday will mark day one of a six month commitment I´ve made to a volunteer program called Camino Seguro or “Safe Passage”. Click on the link for a bit more detail, but in a peanut shell, it´s a school on the premises of Guatemala´s city dump yard dedicated to educating and entertaining the children of families (who “work” scavenging through trash) during the day, to keep the kids off the streets and in a safe and providing environment. I move into the “Volunteer House” (here in Antigua) in a few hours.

One of the first questions they asked me was…”Hey, do you know anything about web pages or digital cameras? We´ve had one for weeks that no one knows how to work….”


On the weekends I´ll be working at Guatemala´s most exclusive resort, hosting the richest of Guatemala`s rich, including ex-presidents and other hoity-toity big names. The resort is on the beach and I (along with four other awesome people I recruited for the job whom I “coincidentally” just met) get picked up on Saturday morning and dropped off back in Antigua Sunday night. The pay is excellent (according to Guate standards), the work shifts short (only four hours per day) and the weekend is all food & board inclusive. I shouldn`t have to draw again from my savings account for the next six months, which essentially means, I´ve just extended my travels another half year.

I´ll be dancing in the worlds of Guatemala`s poorest-of-the-poor and richest-of-the-rich, both, in the same week. Crazy, huh?

And speaking of dancing, someone sent me this quote yesterday that I´m thinking of having tattooed on my back…*that`s a joke Mom and Dad*

Those who can not hear the music, think the dancer is mad!

I love it!

Okay…I´ve got some unpacking to do!

*dances off*

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