so a guy walks into a bar…

So a Guy Walks into a Bar…

…in Guatemala, sits down and orders a drink. Someone hands him a picture. The picture is of a girl… a girl *one of his bar-mates tells him* that used to work behind the bar. The guy analyzes the picture for a few minutes and thinks “shorter hair…darker skin, but yes…” and then exclaims, “I know this girl.”

Not so much a line, but it definitely doesn`t lack punch….

One of my old high school ex-boyfriends *from Oregon*, that I haven`t seen or heard from in six years, in a bar in Guatemala, recognized me in a picture, that someone had taken during one of my earlier stints as a bartender at Monolocos in Antigua!

Freakin´ amazing, eh? I showed up back in Antigua just two days after he`d left. But his mark was still there in the form of a rejuvenated old “pet” name that he had Christened me with back in the day. A name which, although repeated here via our mutual bar-mate-friends, will not be repeated on the site.

He dug up and sent me these pictures today…oh yeah…High School Proms!

*And the early 90´s rock on!*

I got such a kick out of them, I just had to share.


I´m sick as a dog AGAIN with mad-“gripe”. A cold that is. But in combination with the FOURTH set of antibiotics that I´m on (this one for a pretty little skin infection), my ass is officially being kicked. Which reminds me of another nice little Guatemalan “Did You Know” fact: You can buy virtually anything over-the-counter down here. Penicillin, antibiotics, Valium – you name it. You just say, “A mi me duela me cabeza, mi piel, mi jargantia (sp?)…” and they hand it right over.

*And the 3rd World rocks on.*

Going back to bed….

*turns on her Out-of-Office automatic e-mail reply: “Will be back in action in a few days. Patience please.”*

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