el campo

El Campo

aka “The Playground”

Case of insomnia? Dr. Sol says, once a day, take 200 attention deprived kids and apply eight hours of airplane-riding, tickle-torturing, teeter-tottering, under-dogging, cart-wheeling, follow-the-leadering, futbol-playing, jungle-gyming, tag-chasing, food-distributing, discipline-giving, face-washing, flower-picking, hat-chasing, bathroom-breaking, piggyback-riding, and animal-impersonating…and call me in the morning. If you can.

The above mentioned regime is guaranteed to give you 8-12 hours of solid, snore-worthy sleep. (That kind where you wake up in the same position that you collapsed into the bed in….hopefully, at least, sans shoes.)

Although the sleep is sound and dreams deep, mine are also filled with the echos of…

Seño! Seño! Traigome! (Carry me!)

Seño! Seño Da me vueltos! (Spin me!)

Seño! Seño Baño! (Bathroom!)

Seño! Seño! Que significa, “banging on the bathroom door?”

(The requests to translate Shaggy songs NEVER end.)

I´m not complaining. This is awesome. Kids are freaking great! If you have a couple of them around within borrowing distance, I HIGHLY recommend taking them out for a spin in the ol` imagination.

*dusts off her own imagination*

I didn`t realize how rusty this thing got after forgetting it out in the rain of adulterated society for ten years. I´ve suddenly rememberd how GOOD it feels to pop balloons, tie shoe laces together underneath desks, dump water over peoples heads, scream at the top of your lungs, laugh till you cry from tickling, and to get dirty…and I mean REALLY dirty. Grass stains, marker tattoos, caked dirt under the finger nails, and the best dirt of all….the permanent kind….cuts and bruises. My new navel ring is the only part of me not so happy with the new work-out routine. But bah. It´ll heal, *along with the rest of my new punctures*.

*yawns and looks at watch*

So yeah…it´s about my bedtime. But Friday`s my day off, and my day ON, to catch up on some of those adventures that occurred in those three weeks where I went missing in between Utila and my return to Antigua. These adventures include: “Sol Gets Electrocuted”, “Sol´s Alcohol “Snorkel” Test”, and “Sol Skies Down a Volcano”.

*picks dirt out from under her fingernails and laughs*

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