to good to be true pile


In the Zing Crash of May 2001, I somehow managed to transfer my albums to and completely forgot to update the link on the site. So here are the updated photogallery links: Albums — (24 Albums, 1000+ Pictures) Including Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru and Europe Albums — (9 Albums, 200 Pictures) Including Guatemala, Belize & Honduras


Speaking of crashes, the weekend resort job died upon impact with my old bartending boss´s comment, “Hey. You´re not gonna work for Cesar Robles are you? He´s the biggest crook in Guatemala! They put warnings in travels guides about that guy. They post flyers around Antigua with his picture warning travelers of doing business with him. Stay as far away from him as possible!”

*throws the job into the “Knew-it-was-Too-Good-To-Be-True” pile*


We have a guest doctor this month doing consultations for the kids and families in the project. (Ah! Found the correct link for info. on the project: I´m assisting him by taking all the weight, height measurements and giving vision tests.

“Puedes mostrarme, con tus manos, en que direccion esta la letra E?”

This whole teacher/volunteer/nurse role is…well, what is it? Let´s just say the grave for that 100k Marketing/Business education keeps getting deeper. Product management, product placement, product timelines, product awareness…product production….blah, blah, blah. The realization is quietly settling in that I want my vocation, my business, my “product” — to have a height, weight and a score on a vision test.


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