where’s my double?

Where´s My Double?

Date: 12/10/01

Time: 8:30 a.m.

Place: Zone 6. Guatemala City

Scene: Sol scrunched against window in a Chicken Bus

Status of Bus: Standing Room Only (Is it EVER anything else?)

State of Traffic: Stand Still

Main Character: Bruce — The Bus Driver


Amidst the long sighs of Guatemantecos and Gringos alike, our Hero *the bus driver*, (we´ll call him “Bruce”) pulled a true Die-Hard-worthy maneuver in a (successful) attempt at circumventing the slower-than-frozen-molasses state of traffic….

What did Bruce do?

Bruce pulls himself into the far left lane. Bruce finds a particularly wide gap in the cement, grass and tree-lined center divide. Bruce DRIVES the chicken bus OVER the center divide and INTO FOUR LANES OF ONCOMING TRAFFIC. Amidst the continuation of the long sighs of Guatemantecos and the hysterical laughs and gasps of the Gringos, Bruce CONTINUES to drive down the wrong way on a one way freeway. Amidst the swearing, honking and swerving car-commuters, Bruce finally crosses the four lanes of oncoming traffic, and makes his way OFF via the ON-ramp.

We blink. We laugh. We arrive On Time.


The archives are working! The archives are working! Thank you Merc! Thank you Merc! Is this annoying? Is this annoying?

No really. I´m just super excited. Seven months of blogs (travel updates) are now a mouse click away

*poins to the little yellow box maked “archives” on the left*

I REALLY wonder how many people have been keeping up with this entire adventure from Day 1, sometime in January? No way to find out, eh. Just another one of the 7+ wonders of the solworld.


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