the fine print

The Fine Print

Okay. So I just bought another five months of travel insurance online… *bank account cringes as she wipes the sweat from her Dad´s brow*…and I just HAD to share my hearty laugh over the fine print on what on-the-road activities of mine are NOT insured:

— Attempted suicide while insane;

— Cosmetic or plastic surgery;

— Nuclear reaction, radiation, or radioactive contamination;

*and my favorite…*

— Contests of speed;

But what they neglected to include was injury resulting from:

— Silmulaneous games of head ball and hackysack;

— Falling off playforms in discos while salsa-ing;

— Driving over cliffs in chicken busses;

— and accidents resulting from pig-piles, falls from jungle gyms and the administration of daily, and multiple “airplane” rides.

*takes the last laugh*

(Oh wait? Do chicken bus accidents *by my own definition* count as contests of speed?)

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