help desk-less

Help Desk-less

Funny. Me-of-little-computer-knowledge, have found myself the most computer literate person in the office of my project. Despite my “I´m a WEB-person, WEB-person, not an IT person…” protests, I have found myself tinkering and tottering in the back of the PC and with the control panels all week trying to resolve the task of getting a new digital camera to work on a really old PC (much harder than you´d think). BUT, I have finally succeeded *admittedly with an inch of help from the Olympus Online Support Team – Thank You* and even have a few pics to prove it….

Here´s my black eye celebrating it´s one-week birthday…(but looks more like the result of a brawl with one of those terrible make-up counter ladies armed with an eye-shadow broom)

And this is me and one of my favorite kids in the project…(14yr old boys love hugs.)

And me and my usually-over-excited-self with one of the social workers…


The weekend at the lake was as refreshing as the water. On my way there, I bought a disposable camera and took my VERY first non-digital picture in two years! I´m quite accustomed to my instant-LCD-visual-gratification, but the teasing suspense as the pictures sit at the developers has its own charms too. So we´ll do a little scanning next week and include the weekend summary then.

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