rising the souls of the dead

Feria del Barrilete Gigante

“Giant Kite Festival”

Latin America prefers to celebrate a Day of Saints instead of a “Dia de los Brujas” (“Day of the Witches”…aka Halloween). And how exactly do they celebrate it? With Goliath-sized kites!

“..made from tissue paper, wood and bamboo braces with guide ropes as thick as a man´s arms, most measure more than 13m in diameter and have intricate, colorful designs…”

— Lonely Planet Guatemala

Now please click on the picture above. Upon careful inspection of the kite in the top picture, you will see that THIS “intricate, colorful design” depicts President Bush and Bin Laden shaking hands over the world, of which, collapsed underneath, is a person dying from Anthrax inhalation. Can you also see the black scull, twin towers and fighter jets?

The kites are flown over the cemetery, to speak to, and rise the souls of the dead.

*wonders if 13m will suffice*


I´m attending a Guatemalan wedding tomorrow. Despite my normal gag-reflex to the W-word, I´m extremely excited for this party. And of course, there will pictures documenting the rare occurrence of the dress-and-heel-wearing-Sol, which for the last few years has been high on the endangered-occasion list.

And a message to that group in the center picture *should you be reading*: You are certainly one of the most unique group of people I have crossed paths with on all my world journeys. How rare it is to find such a fiesta-on-feet *or surf boards?* with such sincere appreciation of life, and such expertise on how to live it. I really appreciate being included so warmly in your adventures – and I´ll drive up bus-brake-run-offs and dance in the back of pick-up trucks to Madonna ANY day with the likes of your types. Thank you.


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