The downfall of non-digital photography: Two week turn around time on the pictures.

Here are a few belated images from the trip to Largo Atitlan two weeks ago….

I have Salvador pictures to post too….and there will be a lot of posting early this week because I have a lot of past times yet to report on before my trip to Mexico.



Oh yes. I may have forgotten to mention that I`m jumping bus through Southern Mexico for a week or two, leaving this Thursday. But only because I made that decision yesterday.

So the general plan goes something like: Xela (Western Guatemala), San Cristobel, Chiapas, Tabasco and the Yucatan, including Isla Mujeras and and a much anticipated return to the underwater world. I miss the scuba diving SO much (….although I DID have the opportunity to put to use some of my divemaster skills when I saved my first drowning kid at a pool party we had for the children from the project this afternoon).

We´ll also be visiting a lot of small towns where the “web” exists only in the dusty corners of the barns. So after this week´s bushel-o-blogs, the site may be silenced between sightings of mice *of the non-dusty-barn type*.

Okay…I`ve got some pictures to upload and scan. Hasta pronto….


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