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Today marks my 8-mo anniversary of being on “da-road”. Was flipping though my photo archives and found this picture, taken almost exactly two years ago from my webcam at CollegeClub.

Think it reflects how I felt about my 70 hr work weeks? Nah. It only reflects my enjoyment at making crude faces for cameras because I only have wicked memories of my time in the “pre-corporate” CC office. But did I have ANY idea THEN where I´d be two years and six days from that day? That I´d be spending my weekend days on the beaches of El Salvador (pic #1) and my weekend nights wearing jumbo sombreros and dancing on tables (pics #2, #3)?

*thinks about it…* Well maybe I did…. I remember telling Bennett when he hired me that I was only going to work for two years, and then I was going to travel around the world. I don´t think I even believed myself then. But from my experience it seems that sometimes if you just SAY what you´re going to do enough times…it has a way of making itself happen. *shrugs* And here I am.

So did you know that El Salvador uses American currency? Panama does also…and many other Central American countries are moving towards the dollar to ensure more stability. I realized what a culture shock I´m in for (upon my return to the US) when the funny little dimes and quarters felt SO odd in my hand..too light…too skinny…too small…too foreign.

It´s hard for me to believe that the Salvador stamp in my passport completes the connect-the-dot map of my “travels” through Central America. Hard also to believe that I carried a digital camera through the countries of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. Easier for me to believe that I had cameras stolen in two of them. SUCKS to believe that I won´t have one while I make my way through Mexico. No fear though, I WILL get *yet* another digicam before my return to Spain and adventures in Asia and Australia (2002-2003)…where the violent crime rate is at least lower than chance of getting hit by a chicken bus.

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