happy seekingsol.com anniversary


As if I NEED reasons to celebrate!

But why not?

Cheers to the NEW year!


Cheers to my 25th year of life!


And Cheers to the 1-year anniversary of Solbeam.com!


25 pennies to a quarter. 25 days of December till Christmas. 25 watts in my bedroom light bulb. “Please insert 25 cents to complete this call.” 25 bottles of beer on the wall. 25 years since I was born on what my mother describes as a “dark, wet and COLD day in Alaska with a most unusual thaw….see what you did?“. So January 3rd marked my big 25. Of course, I was illin` and passed my sick-ass out before the sun even had a chance to set…. BUT birthday-smurfday!…I celebrate EVERYDAY in appreciation of the first day! And I`ll make up for it tonight, as I`ve got a *hot!* date — with the dance floor — at nine… *taps watch*…which means, I gotta get moving. BUT, I just received a pile of scanable pictures in the mail (thank you SO much Ecap!) that fill in the visual gaps between the losses of digital cameras number 2 and 3. So stories and pictures to come this weekend…

And may I just take one moment more to throw out my eternal gratitude to Merc, who one year ago sent me an email asking, “So…ever thought about a “Solbeam.com”?”. The best Christmas/Birthday present I have ever received. Thank you Merc. *blows kisses*

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