i have lice

I Have Lice

I`m a terrible friend to post this picture of my fellow long-term volunteer friends…

….but how could I resist!?

I`ve been busy spinning the turn-tables from being a “Community Developer” to an active “Community Member” on a wicked little traveler community site called WorldSurface.com. Entered a contest by submitting a few contributions including an essay describing some of my experiences at the Project entitled: I Have Lice. Does that explain the picture? You see…the running percentage of long-term volunteers who have at one point or other, found a “friend” in their hair, is an astonishing 100%. Needle-less to say, the shower ledge in the volunteer house is overflowing with lice-murdering concoctions.

So….um…*cough* *cough*…..feel free to read the essay *cough* ….and vote for me to become one of their “Global Reporters” (travelers who document their adventures on the site *and partly on their tab*). How freaking fantastic would that be?! (Although I think I`ve entered way too late in the game to stand a chance…)

*grabs her bow and shoots the moon*

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