Sorry I`ve been slow with the posts. The following reasons are guilty of consuming my time:

*reasons smack their lips*

1. Last week I swung by my favorite discoteque around opening time…

“So, you guys looking for any bartenders?”

“Yup. You start tonight. Hop behind the bar.”

So I`m back in bartending action. Three nights a week for *kneels and pulls arm in YES! row-motion* a whopping $2 US an hour (including tips) — which actually happens to be DOUBLE the minimum wage in Guatemala. AND — I love it.

2. I stepped up, or rather, RAN up my 10 miles a week to 20 miles on the treadmill at the local gym and finally gave into the month membership. It`s NOT my San Diego beach runs (which I miss dearly), but I had to do something to take off the Guatemalan diet of beans, eggs and rice that my mom so politely told me “might be sticking to you”. I`m already back to pre-bean shape but I`m back on that runners high and *slaps arm* not willing to give it up now.

3. I`ve been busting through books over the last couple months at an average of about 500 pages a week. Yesterday I found my fifth *YES!* Tom Robbins book, but had to finish 400 pages of “Angela`s Ashes” before I could get cozy in bed with Robbins again. It`s SO difficult to find good literature in English down here, so when I find it, I snatch it. The result? A shelf of at least 30 books (half of them read), and a lot of nicknames from my roommates in combinations of the terms “book”, “worm” and “geek”. Also got my hands on the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy — so my eyes will continue a marathon of their own.

*reasons belch and pat lips with napkin*

Tomorrow I`m at the project all day and the bar all night, so I`ll be back in posting-action on Wednesday!


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