*blub, blu, blu, blu, blub*

(Thank you Richi for the pictures!!!! I MISS YOU GUYS!!!)

Hey look at that! Color looks good on this page! *glances down* Look at the way I’ve been babbling on with no visual love!

*digs through her new pictures*

The Guatemalan “American Football” team helped us paint the church at the project this Saturday.

Mayan girls I met in the park.

The travelers’ convertible: bed of a pick-up truck. How will I resist my thumb urges in the States?

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Me and one of *MY* kids.

The pullman from Pana to Antigua. Don’t think for a second that THAT is crowded. THAT is the tourist bus. In the second picture, I’m stuck in what is sometimes referred to as “ethno-tat” — clothing that is local, cheap and completely appropriate *if sometimes a bit “touristy”* on the road, but that looks completely absurb when worn anywhere else but the country it was purchased in.

Some of my house mates at our Christmas dinner. The “dueno” (owner) of our house is also “Mr. Antigua” (trophy and all!) and he will KILL ME if he ever finds out I posted that online.

A sign I just added to my newly-reopened “Funny-Ass-Signs-From-Abroad” gallery.

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My favorite Central American sunset and sunrise. Took both pictures in Belize and posted them before, but lost them in the Zing crash. I entitled them, “Belize It” with the caption, “The only authority I respect is that which is responsible for these.”

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