crashing carnival

Crashing Carnival

So today we celebrate Carnival in Guatemala. *looks around* No parades, beads or frats of raving boys with video cameras in sight (thank God!)…but then again, we Americans always love to add our own, um…flavor? to the traditions we’ve…um…adopted? In any case, have I got a tradition for us to steal now! In fact, maybe we could integrate it into Valentine’s day? Tell your Valentine how much you love them with a Hallmark card… OR…

Crash an egg filled with confetti on their head.

*weighs the two options*

I vote for the latter.

If you vote with me, then ditch the red and white construction paper and follow these simple instructions:

1. Crack off the top of an egg and drain.

2. Paint the egg to your taste.

3. Cut up paper and fill the egg with homemade confetti.

4. Take a small piece of tissue paper and glue it over the open top.

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

5. Break it over your best — friend, spouse, dog, lover — ‘s head.

&nbsp &nbsp

For variation, or just out of spite, fill the egg with flour instead of confetti.

Yea! Let the celebrations begin!

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