surf n’ sipicate

Surf n’ Sipicate

Sipicate is a black sand beach on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. Surf is what my Guatemalan friends revolve their lives around.

Last weekend, we kicked it in beach cabins for a two-day surf competition where the boys took 1st in the Boogie Board and 3rd in the Tabla competitions. This particular group of people also happen to take the Trophy on being, “THE Most Energetic, Resourceful and Downright-Damn-Fun” Group of people I have ever met in all my travels. Every time they call me at 11:00 pm Friday night and say, “We´ll pick you up in six hours.” — I know I’m in for an adventure. “Bring the bag”, they say. The “bag” includes a swimsuit, sandals, shampoo, going out clothes, a deck a cards, hiking shoes, the phone number of all those you will need to call in case you are home a few days late and a “be-prepared-for-anything” attitude.

A typical adventure includes any combination of the following: high speed car chase, partial or full nudity, table dancing, salsa-ing, surfing, breaking-and-entering, water fights, 360´s, practical jokes, trespassing, dancing in the bed of pick-up trucks, sneak-admission, scamming free food/board, and/or an encounter with the police. This particular trip also included some broken floor boards on the dance deck, a lot of limbo (picture 1) a friendly game of “Electrocute Your Neighbor” (picture 2) and some strip teasin’ (picture 3).

&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp

I’m not sure if this next picture counts as partial/full nudity, but the second picture definitely qualifies under both “water fights” and “practical jokes” seeing as the night before I had dumped water on the guy in the blue shirt (Todd) whilst he was sleeping in his bed. Of course, in his dream fog, he didn’t remember exactly who did it and when he inquired the next day, I politely informed him that it was Marco (green shorts). Here, Todd takes sweet revenge on the innocent. Not pictured, is me in the corner….slinking away with a towel over my head.


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I’ll be out *gettin’ in trouble* with this same crew all THIS weekend also, so please leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can….



Sunrise Last Saturday

….black sand….ummm…nice…..


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