slowly fasting

Slowly Fasting

I’m still at the lake (San Marcos), but just hopped a pick-up truck to a nearby Mayan village for a look around and spotted an internet cafe. (Amazing how un-wide this world web is getting.)

Four days at the Pyramids Meditation Center: Four days of morning yoga, afternoon discussions on Metaphysics, and evening meditation — all in combination with Reiki massage, bathing in the lake, a few steam sessions in the sauna and a LOT of delicious vegetarian food…on Sunday and Monday anyway.

On Tuesday I started to fast. Haven’t eaten for *looks at watch* about 40 hours now. The only thing my taste buds are savoring now is this special re-hydration drink composed of the juice of 7 oranges and 7 limes (mostly picked off the ground under the trees near our hut), a pinch of sugar and salt, and a dash of bicarbonate (baking soda) – mixed with a couple liters of water.

Why am I fasting? For a few reasons: In dedication to the children of the project, for whom this feeling is a reality, not an experiment. To experience hunger for the first time in my over-privileged life. To detox my body. To test my will-power. To try something new. To clear my thoughts and clarify my thinking (you’d be amazed at how much of our lives we spend thinking, preparing, anticipating and just waiting for and wanting FOOD.)

So how do I feel? Light, clear-minded, and a little dizzy — both mentally and physically. Life seems to be moving a little slower, in a soft cloud-like way. It’s nice. There is no stomach cramping or “pain” like I might have previously assumed. But then again, we’re only halfway through, so maybe Pain is waiting patiently in store for me, ready to pounce me after my afternoon sauna session….which happens to be in a half an hour.

Time for me to hit the hitch!

A light, clear-minded, slightly dizzy and cloud-like chao…


And to quote Siddhartha again (but poorly, because it comes from memory):

“And what is so intelligent about fasting Siddhartha?”

“Well, if a man has no money or food, isn’t fasting the most intelligent thing he can do?”

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  1. Leon Murray July 28, 2010 at 5:42 am

    my father practices Reiki and it is helpful for the general health.~*’

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