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What IS she doing?

“Where ARE you?”, “What are you doing now?” and “Where are you going next?” seem to be the theme of all the questions in my inbox.

Right now I am in Portland, Oregon; Catching up on a year of friends, family and life. And yes, preparing for ANOTHER year of adventures abroad.

The 4 W’s (where, when, what & with whom) of that next overseas adventure are what I am currently brainstorming. So I thought this the appropriate time to share some of the sites I have found helpful in my search for work abroad:

International Job Postings on —

Divemaster Positions From Around the World —

International Job Postings —

Job Listings Overseas —

Jobs Abroad —

*More* Jobs Abroad —

Teaching English In Korea —

Global Volunteer & Jobs Opportunities —

Working the Club Scene in Ibiza, Spain —

Volunteering for the United Nations Information Technology Service —UNITeS Volunteers

For those of you *along with me* that are also currently searching for jobs abroad, I suggest creating a simple online resume via Yahoo (free & no programming skills necessary) which allows you to send a simple and short LINK to all those requesting resumes or CVs (you can see mine as an example).

In addition to this search, I’ll be continuing to post travel tales each week documenting the adventures I didn’t have time to write about while on the road.

AND, in addition to the search and stories, I’m am SUPER excited to announce that‘s “Make Dreams Come True For Solbeam Foundation” has so very kindly offered to completely redesign So a new, updated and broken-link-less site will be coming soon. *YEA! YEA! YEA!*

I’ve never said “Thank You” so many times to any one person in my life — BUT not a single one (of the thousands) has less meaning than the first. So, “Thank You” Merc. AGAIN.

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  1. Katelyn Henderson August 2, 2010 at 12:11 am

    travel tips are important specially if you are going in places that are troublesome like in Africa or Asia-;*

  2. Sofia Singh July 4, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    What other websites offer free travel tips in South America?’;.

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